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Qualifications There are no formal academic barriers to entry, although clients may be wary of practising astrologers who do not have some form of formalised paperwork. Those wishing to extend their learning beyond a self-study environment can choose either correspondence courses learning by mail or internet-based courses.

Sun in Astrology – Career, Business, Personal Life & Much More

It is not normally necessary to attend a college on a frequent basis, although some community colleges now offer astrology as part of their short course prospectus. For those wishing to attend a class and share experiences with others, it is recommended that they contact their local study centre or community college for further information.

Skills A good understanding of planetary movement and its relevance to a given date is crucial, and forms the core of learning to be an astrologer. Good general grasp of the principles of astronomy are also helpful, and will provide a good basis for growing the foundation of knowledge. Compassionate attitude towards customers, who may be sensitive, vulnerable or concerned about what the future may bring. Discretion is also very important. Ability to translate lunar interpretation into involving and relevant rhetoric, in a way that the customer can understand.

Ability to communicate clearly and with confidence in a one-on-one situation. Working Conditions Most of the time, an astrology reading performed at the location of the customer's home or place of choosing would classify as a low-risk area. It is, however, worth the astrologer conducting a brief mental hazard assessment to ensure their safety whilst spending time in an unfamiliar environment. Some people can find the intimacy of the one-to-one nature of the work quite intimidating, but many prefer it to having to speak in public or deal with a large number of people.

Experience Many people enjoy astronomy and astrology as unpaid amateurs, and once the passion has developed, some consider taking the next step of performing readings for their friends and family.

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It is a relatively cheap and simple business to set up from scratch. Experience gained during professional one-to-one readings will give the astrologer the confidence to begin pitching to magazines and newspapers, but this can be a difficult nut to crack on the basis that most publications already have a horoscope section, such is the popularity of astrology.

Writing a daily column for a big national newspaper is seen as the best paid area of astrology at least in the UK , and the remuneration can be significant.

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Annabel Burton is one of the UK's leading and most respected astrologers, and works with clients of a broad range of age groups and backgrounds. What made you decide to choose to get into this sort of career? It soon became evident that the subject was far deeper and more expansive than I had realised, and I studied my own birth chart finding correlations between the placement and cycles of planets and my own life experience and character.

It became clear that astrology is a valuable tool for self-understanding on an inner level, and can be used also as a means of forecasting and counselling. Do you have a standard day or a standard type of 'project'? Check out what it means below if a specific planet is in your 10th house in astrology. This is the planet of thinking and communication, so your job is very cognitive and intellectual.

Venus represents beauty, love, and harmony—so do work that is artistic. Work is also the way that you feel loved, and supported.

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This is the planet of action and taking charge. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work. This is the planet of innovation and change. You can expect your career to be full of positive twists and turns—and you enjoy that unpredictability. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and it represents the more substantive, meaningful parts of life.

Career and Profession by Astrology. Dr. Dharmesh M. Mehta

Try Vedic astrology instead. Also, want on-demand astrology meanings via text?

Selecting a Career / Profession through Astrology

OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do? Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you?

So one may be trading in cows, milk, curd etc. Zenus is the karaka for vehicles.

Your 10th house in astrology can provide clutch career intel | Well+Good

It can give employment connected with vehicles, transport, railway, bus, air travel and shipping. One may be driver or a pilot when there is influence of. Venus is the karaka for all fine arts, such as painting, music dance, etc. Venus denotes employment: in dress making ornaments, perfumery and flowers, Venus is a karaka for cooking. It indicates cooks, butlers, maid-servants sweet-makers, confectioners and male-servants. Sale of jaggery, food items, milk, curds etc.

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  6. Venus is a karaka for dress. When Venus is connected with the second and the fifth house and is a significator of profession one may become a musician. If Mercury is connected he may take to instrumental music. Venus is a karaka for beauty and enjoyments.