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Kabbalistic Astrology

The influence of the cosmos on humanity, at both the individual and collective levels, is the main topic of this book. The astrological birth chart is examined from a psychological and spiritual perspective showing how a horoscope can be a key in transforming a personal fate into transpersonal destiny.

This revised edition, with new pictures and diagrams, is the result of over 50 years of practice and reflection on astrology from an esoteric viewpoint.

The Anointed is the story about the destiny of one man and the fate of those around him. The setting is the Spain of when the Inquisition seeks to eliminate the leader of an esoteric group of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

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Don Immanuel is the pivot of the plot in which he and those close to him are caught up in an archetypal battle between good and evil. The symbolism of events and each character gives insights into what lies behind life and a wider and kabbalistic perspective on history.

enter This is the door to a higher dimension, the tunnel that leads to the light. The experience of the darkness, transformation and higher knowledge await here.

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The vertical arrangement of Tree shows the different levels of consciousness of our psyche, from the physical world, at the bottom of the Tree, to the Divine, at the top. Kabbalistic Astrology Kabbalistic Astrology is a branch of Astrology that combines the Astral Chart with the diagram of the Tree of Life in order to reveal the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the psyche and their correspondence with the subtle fields of the planets.

The Astral Chart. The Tree of Life.